Other Benefits Included


Independent Living allows time for hobbies

Independent Living allows time for hobbies

Independent Living allows time for hobbies


Some Woodbeck Residents have chosen to actively participate and volunteer their time and services within the village community. 

Independent living allows time to enjoy hobbies like gardening, while others assist with meals. Involvement in the village community is encouraged, but it is entirely up to you whether you take part or not. 

Know that any help you offer will be accepted with heart-felt appreciation and gratitude.


Recreation Room

Independent Living allows time for hobbies

Independent Living allows time for hobbies

  • Snooker Table
  • Computer Station (Free WiFi)
  • Large Television
  • Card Table
  • Comfy Chairs



Independent Living allows time for hobbies



A hairdresser visits once a week. Make sure that you make an appointment as bookings are necessary.

Other in-house benefits

  • Secure car parking space.
  • You can have the newspaper delivered.
  • A GP visits every Monday



Fully Accredited

Woodbeck Village is a "Level 2 accredited" pensioner accommodation by the RTA.

Each of the 76 single units are fully resourced servicing those looking for senior living accommodation.

Operating autonomously, Woodbeck Village is not affiliated with other larger corporate bodies or companies. It is a family run business and was officially opened on 20th, April 1999, by the Honourable Bronwyn Bishop MP, Minister for Aged Care.


Privacy and Security

 Senior Living at Woodbeck Village offers you a peaceful lifestyle with privacy and security within a friendly communal environment. 

There is a strong focus on making Woodbeck 

Residents feel supported and appreciated. The building of solid relationships is encouraged, but a high value is placed upon allowing residents the freedom to have their own space and privacy through independent living.


You can enjoy the protection of security at all levels with the bonus of having full time managers living onsite to help with your everyday needs.


On-Site Manager 24/7


David Earl is your On-site Manager. He is proud of his work and delivers a high standard of professionalism and ethics.

 David takes pride in knowing all of his guests by name and assists when needed.

He is committed to ensuring that the home-cooked meals are nutritious and 5 star quality.


All meals are cooked on the premises and even cater for those on special diets.

Assisted Living; What It Means

Assisted Living Explained

Assisted Living Accommodation is a village where people are able to live independently in a community that offers one bedroom accommodation with all meals provided

There is also the added security of on-site managers or staff who are available 24 hours to give assistance and medical support.

All meals are catered for, accommodation is low maintenance, and the residents are able to live independently but with a little assistance. 

 Woodbeck Retirement Village comes under this category and offers excellent assisted living accommodation. 

Financial Information

 You can access the free financial information service for pensioners through CentreLink. This information is open to anyone and allows you to make educated decisions about financial concerns for your individual needs.